Chiho Aoshima, Day of the Dead, 2007

For our #CollectionPick series, we ask members of our community to reflect on specific artworks in Ruby City’s permanent collection and share why these works speak to them. This week, we spoke with Jenny Browne.

How would you describe this work in 3 words? Haunting, speechless, teeth.

Why does this work stand out to you? The delicate lines and transparent colors of the flowers, the immensity of the skull, and the slow collapse of the bony body. The figure feels alive, even in death. Looking at it gives me the felt sense of receiving difficult news, the way air leaves the body. Now I want one more word: hovering.

What other artists does this piece remind you of? Why? The figure evokes the sculptural work of the wonderful Northern Irish artist Gill Morrow, which has similar qualities of stillness and motion.