Pick a few works you like in our collection. 
White 1 and White 2 by Chuck Ramirez.

How would you describe these work in 3 words?
Soft, minimal, familiar.

Why does this work stand out to you?
These works in particular subvert the collective idea of what is valuable and worth cherishing. Not only do they ask us to question what is worthy of being the subject of an artwork, they seem to paint a deeper picture about excess, waste and what we take for granted. It’s very amusing to see visitors interact with this work because their first question is usually “Why would they photograph trash?!” and I think a great follow up is “Why not?”. And if you look really closely, you’ll see the thousands of tiny dots that make up this digital durst print.

What other artists does this piece remind you of? Why? 
Chuck Ramirez reminds me of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. They both had very sentimental ways of looking at ready-made objects and used them to speak volumes about our personal lives and social issues. They both approached their subjects with minimalist setups which isolated and amplified the objects. Both Ramirez and Gonzalez-Torres made work addressing sexual orientation and the AIDS crisis; these works shared honest perspectives about things that weren’t openly spoken about openly at the time. Their artworks revealed a deeper truth; that we all desire and experience the same things, like love and loss.