This #CollectionPick is by Linda Mockeridge from Shambhala Center San Antonio who is leading a monthly meditation series in ChrisPark:

Select a work from the Ruby City Collection:
Margarita Cabrera, Craft of Resistance, 2008

How would you describe the work in three words?
Movement, space, freedom.

Why does this work stand out to you?
It caught my eye with its popping flow and variety. Then the title of the work intrigued me, Craft of Resistance. Putting the title with the visual attraction brought thoughts of joyful survival and caution to care for the little things in our everyday lives. As I sat in the garden meditating, a butterfly flitted into my visual space bringing a smile of delight and a tear of sadness for their diminishing abundance.

Does this work remind you of any other artists, and why?
I saw a piece by Sonia Boyce that also made my mind stop. Both have used minimal coloration with a study of space and movement.