Kelly O’Connor, Ruby City’s Head of Collections & Communications, pick:

Pick a work you like in our collection
Martha Rosler’s Nature Girls (Jumping Janes)

How would you describe this work in 3 words?
Whimsical, grounded, weightless.

Why does this work stand out to you?
I remember the first saw this work, just after Linda acquired it. We were in her new home and everyone was all a buzz arranging furniture, stocking staples and we were there to place the art. I feel in love with this work the first time I saw it. On the surface it’s so delightful, but as you scratch deeper into Rosler’s greater body of work, you discover she is really challenging social norms and asking us to question the stereotypes society has imposed on us as women.

What other artists does this piece remind you of? Why? 
This reminds me of the work of Andrea BowersMargarita Cabrera and Mona Hatoum, all of whom  explore ideas related to female gender norms and are in Ruby City’s collection. Also, much like Rosler, Hatoum and Cabrera empower domestic objects.