For our #CollectionPick series, we ask members of our community to reflect on specific artworks in Ruby City’s permanent collection and share why these works speak to them. This week, we spoke with our artist Jennifer Ling Datchuck.

Select a work from the Ruby City Collection: 

The work I selected is by Maya Lin, Phases of the Moon.

How would you describe it in 3 words? 
Subtle, ephemeral, serene.

Why does this work stand out to you?

Ever since I first laid eyes on "Phases of the Moon" I was instantly drawn to its materiality and the subtle and powerful ways the forms undulate and grow like the moon.  The glow of pink cast from the wax feels like there is a life force from within and if I stand there long enough, my eye will hopefully catch it.  There is a lot of hope in this piece and I so appreciate learning and understanding more of Maya Lin's object and installation based works.