For our #CollectionPick series, we ask members of our community to reflect on specific artworks in Ruby City’s permanent collection and share why these works speak to them. This week, artist Ana Fernandez shares her pick:

Pick a work you like in our collection.
I thought I'd write about Nancy Rubin's sculpture, 5,000 lbs. of Sonny’s Airplane Parts, Linda’s Place, and 550 lbs. of Tire-Wire, that she created while at Artpace. I worked with Nancy as my advisor at UCLA and I was her TA for a semester.

How would you describe this work in 3 words? Expanse, attraction, gravity

Why does this work stand out to you? The materials appeal to me, the parts coming together as if pulled in by a magnet. But it also feels like it's pulling apart at the same time.

What other artists does this piece remind you of? Why? It reminds me of Willem DeKoonings painting called "Excavation" which is one of my favorites. To me, both works oscillate between deconstruction and reconstruction.