FRIDAY, 12.15
7-9 PM

Join KRTU and Ruby City for an evening of music in our Sculpture Garden featuring The BluPrint Band, an instrumental R&B group with heavy jazz and funk influence, and refreshments from Element Kombucha, Dorćol, and Elotitos.


Past Events

Sound Bath with Pamela Martinez

Poetry with Jenny Browne

Meditation at Chris Park

Music in the Park

Music in the Park

Artist Talk: Nancy Rubins and Sara Softness

Drop-in Tour: Arturo Herrera: Constructed Collage

Gallery Talk: Adam Schreiber

Gallery Talk: Jim Mendiola and Rubén Ortiz-Torres

Music in the Park

Screenprint workshop with Manola & Maria

Taller Talk with Rick Lowe

Meditation at Chris Park

Family Day

Taller Talk with Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Nature of Poetry: Poetry Writing with Andrea 'Vocab' Sanderson

Recharge at Chris Park

Arturo Herrera: Constructed Collage Opening Reception

Texas Talks Art: Lanecia A. Rouse and Elyse A. Gonzales

Dia de Muertos by Agosto Cuellar

Taller Talk with Kaldric Dow

Taller Talk with Barbara Felix

Bubble Fest at Home

Taller Talk with Jose Villalobos

Taller Talk with Giovanni Valderas

Isaac Julien

Hair Passport Project, 2019

Political Banner Project, 2019