Ruby City recognized 53 participants from the local San Antonio community in the form of taking their “hair portrait.” The photographs were taken in a uniform presentation that highlighted the unique qualities of the subjects hair, underlining the diversity within our community.

“…living as we do in the direction of water                    body as body of experience          body of art        body not…

-Segment of poetry from “In the dark let your eyes adjust” by Jenny Browne

Themes of femininity, diversity and the body are central to the artworks on view in the exhibition titled, Reclaimed.  Hair is a reoccurring theme that reveals diverse qualities, both culturally and generationally. This common thread is seen in the exhibition’s works by Lorraine O’Grady, Annette Messager, Kiki Smith, Judy Dater and Tracey Rose.
Inspired by hair as subject matter, we partnered with Gemini Ink and Twirl hair salon to develop a program titled, “Hair Passports.”  The program brought together friends and faces from different facets of the San Antonio community whose hair portraits were taken by photographer Josh Huskin. A live poetry reading was recited by Jenny Browne and music was performed by harpist, Rachel Ferris. 

“Questions for the contestants include: What do you remember about leaving the light on? About being surrounded? What do you call the sky between the trees?

-Segment of poetry from “America, the” by Jenny Browne