“Red is a big thing for me. It’s about passion, about life, vibrancy.” — Linda Pace

Quote from “Muse” by Wendy Weil Atwell, Glasstire 2007.

Linda Pace was driven by the belief that art is a vital social force.


As an artist, she revealed the symbolic potency of everyday images and objects in her drawings and assemblages.

Linda Pace, Red Crab in Back Seat, 2007.

Isaac Julien, Stones Against Diamonds, 2015. © Isaac Julien, courtesy Isaac Julien Studio, London. 


As a collector, she gathered hundreds of contemporary artworks into a personal, expressive collection which is now managed by the Linda Pace Foundation, founded in 2003. The Foundation continues to acquire work which reflects Linda’s sensibility of a feminist perspective, engages social issues and considers aspects of spirituality and beauty.


And as a philanthropist she boldly fostered the work of those who are considered to be today’s most adventurous artists with her founding of Artpace in 1993, an international artist in residency program. In addition to her work in Texas, Pace served on several committees and supported the work of contemporary artists both nationally and internationally.

Linda Pace and Jesse Amado during the first Artpace residency program in 1993.

Today, Linda’s generous legacy continues through the efforts of the Linda Pace Foundation, which preserves, grows and exhibits her contemporary art collection at Ruby City and beyond.